Rampaging down from the Icehorn Peaks come the Maggoth Lords, heroes of the Chaos wastes, who fight for the pestilence God, Nurgle. They ride grotesque pox maggoths, foul monstrous mounts with an abundance of appendages and multiple gaping jaws full of razor-Sharpe fangs. Murdering enemy warriors in disgusting ways, by spewing acid vomit to melt through flesh and armour alike or shot out hooked tenticles, that attach to unlucky victims and drags them back, to be eaten alive by these vicious beasts.

There are three vile Maggoths Lords to make all of whom will bring death and destruction on the Old World during the End Times, under the banner of the Lord of Decay.

Orghotts Daemonspew, a chaos warrior born of a witch and the great unclean one with an unnatural resilience and and corrosive blood that eats through anything it touches, driven to be blessed by Nurgle and become an ever-living daemon. He rides a double-mouthed pox maggoth called "Whippermaw", that likes nothing better than to crash in to the lines of enemy infantry and rip them limb from limb, while its master beheads unwary victims with sweeping blows from his duel wielded great axes.

Bloab Rotspawned the living vessel of Father Nurgle and is a horror to look upon. A powerful chaos sorcerer, who has been punished for his spiteful ways by having his body eaten away by insects, leaving a breeding ground for larvae and maggots that produces clouds of pestilence flies in his wake. He has mastered the dark arts and befriended all of Nurgles favourite children, including his pox maggoth "Bilespurter". Unlike other maggoths that use long, sinuous tongues to ensnare their prey, Bilespurter coughs up chunks of filthy acidic bile, streaming waves of this fatal liquid over their doomed targets.

And Morbidex Twiceborn, sired in flame and reborn in visage of Nurgle itself. This champion of chaos, who's desire for vengeance against Tzeentch lead him to pledge his services to Nurgle and be remade in to the jolly fiend he is today. Changed by the touch of nurglings, he now resembles their own twisted fleshy appearance and leads hordes of these daemons in his wake. Morbidex's pox maggoth, known as "Tripletongue", once tried and failed to eat his cruel master and instead consumed the surrounding nurglings by the dozen, quickly finding its already tiny mind overcome by the devilish pests within its belly.

Any of the Maggoth Lords can be used for Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen or Daemons of Chaos Armies and would make an amazing edition to any collector of Warhammer Fantasy or the End Times.

This is a highly detailed, multi-part plastic kit that makes one of the above three Maggoth Lords, is supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.
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