Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead and father of necromancy has returned, and the Warhammer
world will never be the same again.

Resurrected by dark ritual, the immortal Lord of Death is an awe-inspiring centerpiece miniature.
Borne aloft by tendrils of ethereal energy and tormented spirits, his unique silhouette looms over the
battlefield with an air that promises to usher in a new era of darkness.

This multi-part plastic kit is equipped with an array of Nagash’s most precious artifacts. Upon his brow
sits the Crown of Sorcery, while his hand grips either Alakanash, the Staff of Power or Zefet-nebtar,
the Mortis Blade. He is clad in Morikhane, the Black Armour, and orbiting around his sorcerous frame
are nine ancient books, each one containing the terrible secrets of animating the dead.

Nagash can be assembled either reading from one of the ancient tomes - the Liber Mortis - and
holding the Staff of Power aloft with the Mortis Blade secured to his waist. Alternatively you can
replace the Staff with the Mortis Blade and add to the ethereal energy that surrounds Nagash by
equipping a spirit-entwined arm. The full rules for using Nagash in games of Warhammer are included
in Warhammer: Nagash. They can also be found in the construction booklet that accompanies the

Please note: the skeleton miniature pictured with Nagash is for size comparison only and is not
included in this kit.
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