The Glottkin are the mortal champions of the pestilence god Nurgle. Once triplet sons to peaceful farmers Ethra & Ollos Glott, they thought of nothing than happily living out their lives, while tending to the fields of the family farm in Norsca. But during a raid from the Empire, their parents were cut down before their eyes and the three brothers screamed vengeance. Upon hearing their raging cry, father Nurgle heard their prayers and with a sinister smile, offered to give them the power to take revenge on their parents killers. Embracing the patronage of the daemon, the three brothers Otto, Ethrac & Ghurk have been blessed with gifts and commit foul deeds in Nurgle's name.

Otto, the greatest warrior of the three, bulges out of his chaos armour and now uses his scythe to cut down any foolish challenger that stands before him.

Ethrac pursuits turned to magic, following his mother's traits in healing the sick. Now a twisted, deformed dark magician, he passes Nurgle's deadly blessings on to unlucky victims.

Where as Ghurk has been altered the most. Now a huge, disgusting monster that towers over everything and allowing his brothers to ride upon his shoulders. His massive bulk is able to smash through enemy forces with ease and grab unfortunate souls, feeding them to a giant maw full of razor-sharp teeth, that has become of his left hand.

This is an amazing kit and the three together make for an intimidating foe. At the behest of Archaon, Lord of the End Times, they have taken up the role to lead his forces on an attack in to the heart of the Empire. A perfect addition for any collection.

Contains a highly detailed plastic miniature of the Glottkin that can be used for Warriors of Chaos, Beastmen or Daemons of Chaos Armies and would make an amazing edition to any collector of Warhammer Fantasy or the End Times.

Please Note: model is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required
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