Kill Team: Chalnath (English)

Kill Team: Chalnath (English)
Kill Team: Chalnath (English)
This boxed set includes:

1x 96-page Kill Team: Chalnath Rules Manual: Expand your sphere of operation with
background for the Vedik System plus the Adepta Sororitas and T'au Empire forces fighting
within. You'll also find new rules datacards and background tables for both the Adepta
Sororitas Novitiate and T'au Pathfinder Kill Teams as well as additional special rules and
missions set in this war zone.

23x Citadel Miniatures: Two full kill teams comprised of an Adepta Sororitas Novitiate Squad
and a T'au Pathfinder Squad. Each features a array of customisation and assembly options
allowing you to personalise your kill team and many of the models can be assembled as
multiple kinds of operatives. Both of the kill teams also come with a full transfer sheet giving
you a wide range of emblems for customising your models.

7x Terrain Pieces: Recreate the battle-scarred war zone with two large ruins and five
damaged walls representing the kind of terrain that kill team skirmishes are frequently fought

1x Double-sided Kill Team: Chalnath Gameboard: Engage in skirmishes on this double-sided
cardboard gameboard that represents the blasted terrain of the Vedik System.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
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