Urdesh: The Magister & The Martyr Hb Eng

Urdesh: The Magister & The Martyr Hb Eng
Urdesh: The Magister & The Martyr Hb Eng
This intimate story gives us a new perspective on how Space Marines fit into the broader context of an Astra Militarum-led war effort. The actions of a single squad of superhuman
warriors can have far-reaching effects on the campaign.

Saint Sabbat has brought a miracle to the war-torn city of Ghereppan but one battle is not the war. The voice of Magister Sek still haunts the Imperial forces defying their victory
mocking their faith.

Between the trickery of the Archenemy and the mercurial visions of the Saint the Space Marines of Damocles Squad must find the truth: is this their one chance for a final victory on
Urdesh or is it a trap that could destroy them all?

Written by Matthew Farrer.
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