Chaos Knights

Brand: Games Workshop Model: M-83-860-M
Chaos Knights..
€ 45,00
Excl. BTW:€ 37,19
Brand: Games Workshop Model: M-97-88
Chaos Knights Transfer Sheet..
€ 14,50
Excl. BTW:€ 11,98
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-66
An entirely new multi-part plastic kitA Chaos version of the Imperial Knight! Can be built as the Desecrator to destroy war machines monstrous beasts or fortifications at range or as the Rampager a close assault monster..
€ 102,00 € 120,00
Excl. BTW:€ 84,30
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-18-60
The essential book for Chaos Knights featuring army background miniatures showcases and all the rules you need to field your Chaos Knight miniatures in games of Warhammer 40000.A range of datasheets providing tabletop rules for units in the Chaos Knights army Army-wide rules content that allows you ..
€ 25,34 € 29,82
Excl. BTW:€ 25,34
Datacards: Chaos Knights (English)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-05-60
74 Chaos Knights reference cards including - 36 Tactical Objectives - 26 Stratagems - 6 Dreadblade Pacts - 6 Dreadblade Damnations..
€ 10,92 € 12,84
Excl. BTW:€ 10,92
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