Chaos Knights

Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-63
This multipart plastic kit builds one Knight Abominant a titanic Lords of War choice for your Chaos Knights army – or a wandering Dreadblade for your other Chaos armies. This super-heavy walker is armed with a volkite combustor and writhing electroscourge as well as a swinging balemace tail and a ca..
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Chaos Knights: Wardogs
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-64
This multipart plastic kit builds two War Dog-class Knights – any combination of War Dog Karnivores War Dog Stalkers or War Dog Brigands. War Dog Karnivores are a monstrous Lords of War choice that can provide deadly melee support to your Chaos Knights army – or be taken as a wandering Dreadblade pa..
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-18
Inside this 112-page hardback book you'll find:– In-depth background on the Chaos Knights the Iconoclast and Infernal Knight Houses and the perfidious Dreadblades– Detailed artwork of the devastation wrought by these Fallen Nobles and their apocalyptic steeds as well as the icons of their most feare..
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 43-18-60
The essential book for Chaos Knights featuring army background miniatures showcases and all the rules you need to field your Chaos Knight miniatures in games of Warhammer 40000.A range of datasheets providing tabletop rules for units in the Chaos Knights army Army-wide rules content that allows you ..
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