Adepta Sororitas

Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-19
Multipart plastic kitContains 10 Arco-Flagellant miniatures..
36,15 42,50
Excl. BTW:36,15
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-20
The central fighting unit of the Adepta Sororitas ? an essential purchase Can be built as one of three separate units including the frontline Battle Sisters the special weapon-wielding Dominions and the veteran CelestiansContains enough components to build up to four Battle Sisters with any of the f..
39,99 47,50
Excl. BTW:39,99
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-21
Multipart plastic kitThe primary HQ choice for Adepta SororitasCan make any of the equipment options from the Codex-Datasheet..
26,75 31,50
Excl. BTW:26,75
Adepta Sororitas: Celestian Sacresants
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-35
These close-combat specialists are a durable force on the battlefield and are capable of withstanding tremendous firepower. The Celestian Sacresants are equipped to deal with the enemy's elite and emerge victorious with a choice of armour-piercing anointed halberds or heavy hallowed maces.T..
38,25 45,00
Excl. BTW:38,25
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-58
This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble Celestine the Living Saint and her 2 accompanying Geminae Superia. She wears the Armour of St. Katherine a set of glorious golden plate replete with holy icons and sculpted symbols. The model is held aloft from the base by a s..
38,25 45,00
Excl. BTW:38,25
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-16
Multipart plastic kitAn Elite character choice for the Adepta Sororitas containing 1 miniatureProvides strong in-game benefits to friendly units and the army as a whole..
26,75 31,50
Excl. BTW:26,75
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-09
Multi-part plastic kit.The fan-favorite Adepta Sororitas Heavy Artillery Tank can be built with one of two different missile options..
57,40 67,50
Excl. BTW:57,40
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-18
Multipart plastic kit. A support character heals friendly units..
26,75 31,50
Excl. BTW:26,75
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-15
Multipart plastic kitProvides a choice of strong in-game benefits to nearby friendly unitsPotential for multi-purchase due to in-game benefits..
19,55 23,00
Excl. BTW:19,55
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-08
An excellent armoured transport option for the Adepta Sororitas army capable of transporting up to 6 infantryIncludes 3 gun weapon options (Immolation Flamers a twin Heavy Bolter or twin Multi-Melta)A multi-purchase unit for those wanting an armoured Sororitas army..
53,15 62,50
Excl. BTW:53,15
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-17
Multi-part plastic kit.A new named character for the Adepta SororitasGreat centerpiece model on a floating pulpit..
34,00 40,00
Excl. BTW:34,00
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 52-42
An Ordo Xenos Inquisitor that can lead Imperium DetachmentsA key figure in the Psychic Awakening and the Imperium?s chief investigator of the Necron threatWears a unique suit of power armour and carries the Aeldari weapon Dirgesinger. Accompanied by her familiar ShangRules can be found in Psychic Aw..
22,95 27,00
Excl. BTW:22,95
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