Astra Militarum

Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL2948
€ 10,87 € 12,81
Excl. BTW:€ 10,87
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 47-30
Six of the most well-known characters from the early books of the Gaunt's Ghosts series. Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt is armed with a bolt pistol and chainsword. Hlaine Larkin takes aim with his long-las. 'Try Again' Bragg carries an autocannon. Corbec, Rawne, and Mkoll a..
€ 46,75 € 55,00
Excl. BTW:€ 38,64
Manticore / Deathstrike Astra Militarium --- Webstore Exclusive
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: M-47-919-G
€ 42,50
Excl. BTW:€ 35,12
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 40-50
Contains 2 models of the iconic characters from the now re-released Black Library graphic novel series, DaemonifugeA HQ choice able to be fielded by any Imperium armyEphrael Stern can inflict damage on enemy units freely, with bonuses against ChaosRules can be found in Psychic Awakening: Pariah..
€ 34,00 € 40,00
Excl. BTW:€ 28,10
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 47-24
A repackage of the existing Baneblade kit Multi-part plastic kit (with 295 components!) The biggest battle tank in the Imperial arsenal. An ideal centerpiece model for any collector can make one of eight different variants..
€ 93,50 € 110,00
Excl. BTW:€ 77,27
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 47-01-60
Everything you need to get an Astra Militarum army primed for games of Warhammer 40,000 is in here: - 56 datasheets containing rules for every Astra Militarum unit and vehicle; - Army abilities reflecting the Astra Militarums methods of war, including Astra Militarum Orders and Regimental Orders; -..
€ 22,85 € 26,86
Excl. BTW:€ 22,85
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 47-02-60
Designed to make it easier to keep track of Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and Stratagems in games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 89 cards - each featuring artwork on the reverse - is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any Astra Militarum gamer. Included: - 7 psychic power cards - 6 fro..
€ 9,83 € 11,57
Excl. BTW:€ 9,83
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 70-54
This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Militarum Tempestus miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! You will receive a ten-man set of Scions (assemblable as a 5-man squad and a 5-man Scions Command Squad), an Offic..
€ 68,00 € 80,00
Excl. BTW:€ 56,20
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 59-27
This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble one Tech-Priest Enginseer, armed with a cog axe, censer and holstered pistol. Supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round base...
€ 21,25 € 25,00
Excl. BTW:€ 17,56
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 47-20
This kit makes one plastic Officio Prefectus Commissar who can be equipped with either a bolt pistol or plasma pistol at the end of his bionic right arm and while his left hand wields a power sword. Plastic models box set to add to your collection of your Warhammer 40.000 army. A rulebook and codex ..
€ 19,15 € 22,50
Excl. BTW:€ 15,83
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 70-47
This is a great-value box set that gives you an immediate collection of fantastic Astra Militarum miniatures, which you can assemble and use right away in games of Warhammer 40,000! You will receive a Leman Russ Battle Tank, a Cadian Heavy Weapon Team, an Officio Prefectus Commissar, a set of ten Ca..
€ 59,50 € 70,00
Excl. BTW:€ 49,17
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 47-17
The Cadian Shock Troops are a disciplined and rigorously trained fighting force numbering in the millions if not billions. Cadian guardsmen fight across almost every frontier in the Imperium, forming the backbone of the Emperor's armies and ensuring even the toughest opponents are brought down b..
€ 29,75 € 35,00
Excl. BTW:€ 24,59
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