Citadel Technical: 'Ardcoat (24Ml)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 27-03
Ardcoat is a gloss varnish that has several uses. A thin layer of Ardcoat looks great over gemstones and lenses giving them a shiny reflective bigger size paint potpaintpot 24 ml for painting your miniatures this paint is on acrylic base and can be thinned with water..
2,99 6,30
Excl. BTW:2,99
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 27-23
Agrellan Badland is much thicker than Agrellan Earth and gives you a much more dramatic cracked appearance to your bases. One pot contains 24ml of texture paint...
5,35 6,30
Excl. BTW:5,35
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 27-22