Brand: Games Workshop Model: 103-14
On the ruined agri world of Moroch amongst prefab colony habs archeotech mines and fronteris compounds the ambitious Traitor Guard of the Blooded have all but overthrown their shocked Imperial overseers. Yet loyalist reinforcements have arrived in the form of an elite Phobos Strike Team whose Space ..
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 102-73
The war in the shadows escalates! Amidst ruined cityscapes carnivorous jungles and hidden strongholds new kill teams join the fray. From the gruesome Gellerpox Infected to the noble Elucidian Starstriders each band of warriors brings their own method of war to every desperate battle – in struggles t..
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 103-40
Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of Gallowdark collects all the rules from the entire Gallowdark cycle in one tome. You'll find every kill team mission and killzone all together plus the Inquisitorial Agent and Chaos Cult kill teams from Ashes of Faith. This comprehensive book lets you take your kill t..
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Brand: Games Workshop Webstore Exclusive Model: 103-23
After thousands of years in the warp the space hulk Gallowdark has emerged into realspace. This colossal moon-sized derelict holds enormous wealth for those courageous enough to explore it – and terrifying dangers for those foolhardy enough to step inside. A mercenary Farstalker Kinband of the alien..
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Kill Team: Codex Octarius (English) ---- Webstore Exclusive
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 102-07
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 102-67
This is the paperback Kill Team supplement originally found in the Kill Team: Nachmund boxed set now available on its own. Inside these 96 pages you'll find full rules and background for both Voidscarred Corsairs and Chaos Space Marine Legionaries Kill Teams datacards (including fillable blanks to c..
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 103-74
Inside you'll find:- Datacards Ploys and equipment for 19 factions ranging from Adeptus Astartes to Genestealer Cults- Details about fire teams the small groups of operatives that make up a full-size kill team- A stunning collection of model photography and artwork featuring kill teams and their ope..
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