Ironhead Squat Prospectors

Brand: Games Workshop Model: 301-05
This 144-page hardback book contains:– Ash Waste Nomads: In-depth background material for the mysterious Ash Waste Nomads who roam Necromunda's outlands plus all the rules you need to field an Ash Waste Nomads gang including new wargear gang tactics and the Wastelands Skill Set.– Ironhead Squat Pros..
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Necromunda: Cargo-8 Ridgehauler
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 301-02
The kit includes a variety of additional components for use with its flatbed cargo bay:– 2x Large Crates– 2x Small Crates– 3x BarrelsThis set comprises 203 plastic components and is supplied with a Cargo-8 Ridgehauler Transfer Sheet featuring a variety of vehicular decals and gang logos. This miniat..