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Brand: Games Workshop Webstore Exclusive Model: MO-200-81
Blood Bowl Dice Set..
14,96 15,75
Excl. BTW:14,96
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 202-28
– 4x Player Reference cards for the Python Warrior Thrower Piranha Warrior Blitzer Jaguar Warrior Blocker and Eagle Warrior Linewoman– 4x Star Player cards for Boa Kon'ssstriktr Estelle la Veneaux Glotl Stop and Karla von Kill– 8x Random Events Special Play cards– 8x Heroic Feats Special Play cards–..
20,40 24,00
Excl. BTW:20,40
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 202-25
This set contains all of the dice you need to play. It includes:– 3x Blood Bowl Block dice– 2x 6-sided dice with the Amazon team icon in place of the 6 face– 1x 8-sided Blood Bowl Scatter dice– 1x 16-sided dice..
12,30 14,50
Excl. BTW:12,30
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 202-29
One side of the pitch is a dense jungle floor littered with poisonous serpents featuring a prominent Amazon Team icon in the centre. On the other side torrential rainfall has flooded the pitch attracting the colourful birds and great scaled beasts native to Lustria.You'll also find a pair of matchin..
36,13 42,50