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Battalion: Orc & Goblin Tribes
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 09-05
This boxed set gives you a solid core of 73 plastic miniatures to build a mighty Orc & Goblin Tribes army. At its centre are the Orcs equipped with your choice of hand weapons and shields spears and shields or even two hand weapons for maximum carnage. You'll also find components to build a full com..
110,50 130,00
Excl. BTW:110,50
Old World: Kingdom Of Bretonnia Core Set (Eng)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 06-06
This boxed set contains 76 multipart plastic Citadel Miniatures:– 1x Lord of Bretonnia on Royal Pegasus– 12x Bretonnian Knights of the Realm– 36x Bretonnian Men-at-Arms– 24x Bretonnian Peasant Bowmen with 2x Defence Stakes bases– 3x Bretonnian Pegasus KnightsIt also contains the following rules and ..
175,10 206,00
Excl. BTW:175,10
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 07-01
From the arid deserts of ancient Nehekhara vast legions of skeletal soldiers heed the commands of their kings and incantations of wizards rising up from beneath the baking sands to slaughter those that would claim the distant reaches of their forgotten empire.The Tomb Kings are the true monarchs of ..
195,50 230,00
Excl. BTW:195,50
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