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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 84-64
This set includes 20 six-sided round-edged dice that measure 16mm along each edge. They are cast in a warm brassy orange with black ink and feature the Kharadron Overlords icon on each 6 face...
27,63 32,50
Excl. BTW:27,63
Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL3068
Book Four in the Ahriman SeriesAhriman's great quest is far from over. In the fourth instalment of John French's series the Arch-Sorcerer attempts to bend time itself to his will in order to undo the curse that shattered his Legion.READ IT BECAUSEAhriman – one of the 41st Millennium's most notorious..
10,63 12,50
Excl. BTW:10,63
Angels Of Darkness Hb Anniversary Edition Eng
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL3031
The Dark Angels is a captivating novel by renowned author Gav Thorpe that delves into the rich history of one of the most devoted chapters of the Emperor's servants. The Dark Angels will stop at nothing to protect their ancient secrets even if it means delving into their darkest past w