Green Stuff - Modeling

Brand: Green Stuff World Model: 9015
Excl. BTW:7,99
Brand: Green Stuff World Model: 9016
Excl. BTW:12,99
Brand: The Army Painter Model: APTL5037
The original Kneadatite (best known as Green Stuff) is used by model makers and hobbyists for conversions filling mold lines and sculpting miniatures...
Excl. BTW:11,99
Brand: Green Stuff World Model: 1018
Excl. BTW:22,99
Green Stuff Tape 12 Inches With Gap
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Grey Stuff: Basic Epoxy
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Brand: Gale Force Nine Model: GFM320
85g of Grey Stuff : Hobby Epoxy. ?Grey Stuff? is ideal for sculpting master miniatures (15mm ? 120 mm scale). It yields superb results when used for converting and assembling models and miniatures it?s also perfect to fill gaps in ?build-up? kits. ?Grey Stuff? is professionally proven to produce con..
Excl. BTW:17,99
Liquid Green Stuff
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 66-12
Liquid Green Stuff is the ideal tool for filling in small gaps on a miniature. Because it is water soluble you can use a normal Citadel Paint Brush to apply it (just make sure you wash the brush afterwards). The Liquid Green Stuff will then set in place filling the gap neatly and efficiently. This p..
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Excl. BTW:4,68
Brand: milliput Model: MILLI005
Excl. BTW:9,99
Brand: milliput Model: MILLI002
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