Age Of Sigmar: Battletome Orruk Warclans (Hb) (Eng)
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 89-01
To face the Orruk Warclans is to face destruction. Their numbers are beyond counting and they live solely for the thrill of combat.In this book you'll discover the history of the Orruk Warclans including their presence across the Mortal Realms and the societies that hold them together. As well as ex..
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Excl. BTW:36,13
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 80-16
Everything you need to get started in the Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar this magazine is the perfect purchase for the absolute beginner who’d like to dip their toes in the hobby of collecting building painting and playing with Citadel miniatures. It explains in easy to follow terms how to..
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Excl. BTW:10,20