AOS Scenery

Brand: Games Workshop Model: 65-11
Play your battles on the battlefields of Ghur with these double-sided fold-out boards. They feature murky swamps on one side and dry wastelands on the other. When placed together these boards make a battlefield measuring 44.8" x 30" perfect for 1000-point games of Warhammer Age of Sig..
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Excl. BTW:38,25
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 80-42
Inside this 112-page hardback book you'll find:- An exciting narrative exploring the wild Realm of Beasts as the Prime Huntress Yndrasta investigates the strange events transforming the land- Detailed maps history and lore for Ghur including a bestiary of the flora fauna and factions that make their..
36,15 42,50
Excl. BTW:36,15
Age Of Sigmar: Cleansing Aqualith
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 64-58</