Warhammer 40k

Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL3068
Book Four in the Ahriman SeriesAhriman's great quest is far from over. In the fourth instalment of John French's series the Arch-Sorcerer attempts to bend time itself to his will in order to undo the curse that shattered his Legion.READ IT BECAUSEAhriman – one of the 41st Millennium's most notorious..
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL2333
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Angron: The Red Angel (Pb)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL3120
READ IT BECAUSEDavid Guymer brings Angron back into the 41st Millennium with a furious roar as he calls his scattered Legion back to his side and embarks on an epic conquest.THE STORYIn the darkness of Imperium Nihilus across half a million worlds cut off from