Warhammer 40k

Urdesh: The Magister & The Martyr Hb Eng
Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL2951
READ IT BECAUSEThis intimate story gives us a new perspective on how Space Marines fit into the broader context of an Astra Militarum-led war effort. The actions of a single squad of superhuman warriors can have far-reaching effects on the campaign.THE STORYSaint Sabbat has brought a miracle to the ..
€ 17,16 € 20,18
Excl. BTW:€ 17,16
Dawn Of Fire: The Wolftime (Pb)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL2936
READ IT BECAUSEDiscover how the Cicatrix Maledictum affects even the most stubborn and steadfast of the Imperium’s warriors as traditions the Space Wolves hold dear may be stopping them from defending the Imperium to the best of their abilities.THE STORYThe Indomitus Crusade has brought the Emperor'..
€ 10,65 € 12,50
Excl. BTW:€ 8,80
Da Gobbo'S Revenge (Hb)
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: BL2960
READ IT BECAUSEMike Brooks proves once again he’s the master of ork kultur. You’ll witness the rise of one of the most enduring and dare we say it lovable legends in all of orkdom.THE STORYFingwit is a grot.Food riches prestige some form of personal safety – all of these are alien concepts to him st..
€ 6,80 € 8,00
Excl. BTW:€ 5,62
Model: BL2935
€ 9,77 € 11,47
Excl. BTW:€ 9,77
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