Brand: CMON Model: CMNSIF001
King Robert Baratheon is dead and those in control of the Great Houses of Westeros have decided it?s time that they had a representative on the Iron Throne. The crows have been sent out. The bannermen have responded. The War of Five Kings is on! A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game ..
Excl. BTW:169,99
Brand: CMON Model: CMNAQ001
In Arcadia Quest players lead guilds of intrepid heroes on an epic campaign to dethrone the vampire lord and reclaim the mighty Arcadia for their own. But only one guild may lead in the end so players must battle against each other as well as against the monstrous occupying forces. Arcadia Quest ..
Excl. BTW:99,99
Brand: Cool mini or not Model: CMNBLR001
In Blood Rage neemt iedere speler de leiding over zijn eigen Viking clan. Ragnarök is hier en het einde van de wereld is op komst! Het is de laatste kans voor de Vikingen om op een glorieuze wijze het Valhalla te bereiken. Dit kan op diverse manieren bijvoorbeeld door land binnen te vallen tegenstan..
Excl. BTW:99,99
Brand: WizKids/NECA Model: WZK72871
Bring the heroes villains and monsters from the jungle of Chult as well as the Tomb of the Nine Gods to life in this latest series of fantasy miniatures! Collect all 44 figures from Tomb of Annihilation the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our exciting line of D&D miniatures Ic..
Excl. BTW:17,99
Brand: Wizkids Model: WZK73107
There is magic in the air and spells are brewing! Spell assistance has arrived to help you on your greatest adventure yet with the latest addition to the D&D Icons of the Realms product line. This new collection of pre-painted fantasy miniatures is sure to bring life to the tabletop or make a great ..
Excl. BTW:41,99
Gf9 measuring tape
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Brand: Battlefront Miniatures Model: GFT023
cm en inches..
Excl. BTW:5,99
Brand: Battlefront Miniatures Model: GFM320
85g of Grey Stuff : Hobby Epoxy. ?Grey Stuff? is ideal for sculpting master miniatures (15mm ? 120 mm scale). It yields superb results when used for converting and assembling models and miniatures it?s also perfect to fill gaps in ?build-up? kits. ?Grey Stuff? is professionally proven to produce con..
Excl. BTW:16,99
Brand: Battlefront Miniatures Model: GFS016
For tundra styled bases use a light coat of Ash Waste / Tundra flock topped with small bits of green foliage. Ash Waste / Tundra flock does a really good job of representing the frozen dirt of the permafrost...
Excl. BTW:4,99
Brand: Battlefront Miniatures Model: GFT020
This set is great for the beginning sculptor. Wither its filling gaps while assembling your model or sculpting a new addition to your miniature you'll find the right tool for the job in this affordable set. This set contains three stainless steel tools...
Excl. BTW:11,99
Brand: Mantic Games Model: MGKW05
The Kings of War 2nd Edition Gamer?s Edition Rulebook is a softback book that features the complete rules magic items and force lists in a softback book for taking with you to the battlefield. 48 Page Softback Rulebook. This book is designed for taking to the gaming table removing all of the bac..
Excl. BTW:17,99
Masterclass: Drybrush Set
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Brand: The Army Painter Model: TL5054
6 modellen metaal..
Excl. BTW:17,99
Brand: River Horse Model: RH_PRE_001
Bring the apocalyptic scale of Pacific Rim to the table top in Pacific Rim: Extinction and choose your side in this new miniatures game. Pit fantastically detailed Jaeger and Kaiju miniatures against each other in a war that has the highest stakes ever known to mankind - Extinction. The base gam..
Excl. BTW:64,99
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