Kill Team: Legionaries

Kill Team: Legionaries
Kill Team: Legionaries
This multipart plastic kit allows you to build 10 Chaos Space Marine Legionaries corrupt veterans from the Traitor Legions. These miniatures can be used as Legionary operatives in
games of Kill Team or fielded in games of Warhammer 40000 as Troops choice for Chaos Space Marine armies. This vicious warband contains one Aspiring Champion and nine
Legionaries each of which can be equipped with a variety of weapons heads and accessories or assembled as specialists for your Kill Team – including the Balefire Acolyte
Shrivetalon Butcher and more.

This set comprises 172 plastic components and is supplied with 10x Citadel 32mm round bases. Also included is a Chaos Space Marines Transfer Sheet featuring 364 chaotic runes
and Legion markings. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
€ 46,75
€ 55,00
Excl. BTW: € 46,75
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  • Model: 102-97
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